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8x5 1/2 white gift box


White Gift Box: 8x 5 1/2








8x2 black gift box


Black Gift  Box: 8x 2









3 1/2x3 1/2 black gift box


Black Gift  Box: 3 1/2 x 3 1/2








3 1/16 x 2 1/8 black gift box


Black Gift  Box: 3 1/16 x 2 1/8









Can't decide what to buy?
There's nothing easier or more thoughtful than an Electronic or Paper Gift Certificate. Your recipient will receive e-mail or paper notification of your gift, along with a personal message from you. To purchase a Gift Certificate, send us an e-mail.


Giving a gift from

Add a gift box for just a $1.00

Our gift boxes add that special touch to your custom jewelry purchase and are also good to add an extra level of protection in the shipping process. Our gift boxes include a think layer of cotton padding inside.

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