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Sold Necklaces: Copper Drop Necklace

Sold Earrings: While Flower Silver Plated Earrings

Sold Bracelets: Pink Pearl Bracelet

Sold Necklaces
Sold Earrings
Sold Bracelets

Sold Anklets: Metallic Blue Flower Anklet

Sold Sets: Brown Swirl Glass Beaded Earring and Bracelet Set

Sold Anklets
Sold Sets

Customer Favorites – Retired Jewelry

Items listed on this page are just a sampling of Beadzbiz jewelry creations sold in the past. These items have been retired from our inventory and ARE NOT FOR SALE. They are included on this page to give you a better feel for our creative jewelry design ideas.
If you're curious about what our customers are buying, click on these links. Keep in mind that once the original is sold, it's retired from our main catalog and moved here to our Customer Favorites Gallery. Retired jewelry items get removed from our catalog and will not be created again in the future.

To view available jewelry from our catalog click here.


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